10/2021 - The Gomes Lab receives the New Innovator Award by the Office of the NIH Director.

The funds provided by this New Innovator Award will support the creation of a single cell atlas of the tumor and tumor microenvironment in young and old hosts with the goal to comprehensively understand how aging affects the tumorigenic process. Read more about this award here: [Link]


09/2021 - Our new manuscript reviewing what is known about the metabolic requirements of the metastatic cascade is now published in Current Opinion in Systems Biology. Check it out here: [Link]


08/2021 - Ana was selected as a Forbeck Scholar.

The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation selects every year a few junior faculty and senior postdoc fellows to join their scholar’s ranks and participate in retreats to discuss the future of research in selected topics. Ana will join the ranks of Forbeck Scholars and help contribute to their mission of fostering long lasting collaborative relationships which positively impact the cancer research field throughout the future. [Link]





07/2021 - It’s time to celebrate the first year of our lab!















 07/2021 - The Gomes Lab welcomes Dr. Hossein Kashfi!

Hossein comes to us from Nottingham University in the UK where he did his PhD. In our lab Hossein will study how aging’s effects on NAD+ metabolism affect lung cancer as part of our collaboration with the DeNicola Lab.








 06/2021 - We welcome Gabby Figueroa to the Gomes Lab!

Gabby aims to go to Medical School, but for now she is excited to get her first exposure to research in our lab! Through her internship, Gabby will help the lab in our mission to understand how aging contributes for the tumorigenic process.





 06/2021 - Our work on NAD+ kinase in PDAC is published in Cell Reports.

In this collaborative project with the Blenis Lab at Weill Cornell, we demonstrate the importance of NAD+ Kinase for pancreatic tumorigenesis and detail how NADK is regulated by oncogenic KRAS, the main oncogenic driver of PDAC. Check it out here: [Link]





06/2021 - We welcome to the lab our very first postdoc, Dr. Stanislav Drapela!

Stan comes to us from the Soucek Lab in Brno, Czech Republic. Stan is interested in understanding how aging affects the different steps in the metastatic cascade.






 06/2021 - The Gomes Lab received funding from the American Lung Association.

These funds will support our studies on the identification of age-specific mechanisms of drug resistance in NSCLC. We thank the American Lung Association for funding our lab.


06/2021 - The Gomes Lab received funding from the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

The funds provided by the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation will support our studies of the metabolic dependencies of triple negative metastasis. 





06/2021 - We welcome Benito Traversa, an undergraduate student at USF, to our Lab!

Benito will help the lab in our mission to understand the metabolic consequences of aging for the tumorigenic process.






06/2021 - The Gomes Lab received funding from the Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program.

In another productive collaboration with the DeNicola Lab, funded by the Florida Department of Health, we will study the effect of aging in non-small cell lung cancer.


05/20/2021 - The Gomes Lab presents at the AACR Annual Meeting.

Ana shares our work at the Education Session: Understanding Mechanisms of Aging in Cancer Development in Human Populations.




05/2021 - We welcome our second graduate student, Devesh Raizada, to the Gomes Lab!

Devesh will study how circulatory changes that occur with age modulate the response to standard of care anti-cancer therapies.





04/23/2021 - Ana was selected as a Rising Star of Cancer Metabolism and Signaling by the New York Academy of Sciences.

This Rising Stars of Cancer Metabolism and Signaling symposium organized by the NYAS highlights a group of competitively-selected early career researchers to preview the next era of discovery in cancer metabolism. See Ana’s introduction to the Gomes Lab at the Rising Stars Symposium.



 04/2021 - The Gomes Lab was awarded its first grant!

The George Edgecomb Society at Moffitt will provide funds to study how aging contributes to the disparity in lung cancer incidence in African Americans. This is a collaboration with our good friends, the DeNicola Lab.


03/30/2021 - Ana is featured as part of Moffitt’s celebration of Women’s History Month. [Link]


03/19/2021 - Ana reflects on her career path and her views on equity and equality in academia. [Link]


02/03/2021 - Our author’s view paper about the role of aging and methylmalonic acid in the tumorigenic process is out at Molecular & Cellular Oncology. [Link]





02/2021 - We welcome our first graduate student, Joanne Tejero, to the Gomes Lab! 

Joanne will study how methylmalonic acid affects the tumor microenvironment.







10/2020 - The Gomes Lab contributes to the November issue of Cancer Cell as part of the Voices: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on cancer research.

Ana's opinion piece on the challenges of starting a lab as a junior faculty in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is out in Cancer Cell. Read more about it here: Cancer Cell 


08/19/2020 – Our work demonstrating a role for systemic aging and circulatory metabolites in promoting cancer progression and metastasis is published in Nature! [Link] 

Read more about it here: Nature Reviews Cancer, Cancer Discovery Research WatchNature News and Views, Weill Cornell Medicine Newsroom, STAT News 


07/31/2020 - The Gomes Lab members sign up for Miles for Moffitt as the team "New Lab on the Block."

Courage brings us together. Nothing can tear us apart. On Saturday, October 24, our team is participating in the 15th annual Miles for Moffitt...and we need your help! Miles for Moffitt is a community-wide movement of inspiration, courage, and hope that allows our community to come together to raise critical funds for cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Please join us in raising funds for Moffitt patients, families, survivors, and caregivers by joining our team or making a gift to our team or a participant on our teamWhether you can give $10 or $1,000, every dollar is critical to supporting Moffitt's mission - to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. Thank you for your support and being an important part of the Miles for Moffitt community. 


06/10/2020 - Ana P. Gomes was selected as this years's winner of the Tri-I Breakout Prize for Junior Investigators. 

"The award recognizes young investigators’ research accomplishments, their scientific impact and their promise as future independent investigators. The seed money for the awards was provided by Dr. Lewis Cantley of Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. Charles Sawyers of Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dr. Cori Bargmann of The Rockefeller University — all winners of the 2013 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences." Congratulations Ana!


Gomes Lab first day 

 06/08/2020 - The Gomes Lab officially opens!

Didem Ilter and Nadir Sarigul join the lab. Welcome Didem and Nadir!